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Superlavável Mate Color Card

Have you ever imagined your walls painted with a matte paint, so easy to clean that the marks of your children's dirty hands are no longer a problem? Of course you have! But now, you can leave the world of imagination and experience the Tintas 2000 new super paint, SUPERLAVÁVEL MATE!
With a very pleasant and appealing touch, this paint is the most complete solution of everything that can be looked for in matt interior paint. From easy application, resistance to cleaning and polishing, and  the good coverage power, nothing escaped in this new project.
In addition to its performance, it fully complies  with the French directive on indoor air emissions, with the maximum A + rating, a result issued by an external laboratory accredited for these tests.
The SUPERLAVÁVEL MATE is available in thousands of colors, and is commercialized in 0.75L, 4L and 12L.